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Isiah Magsino at The Frick Collection Autumn Dinner, NYC, October 2023. Photo by Yvonne Tnt/

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We see you: Isiah Magsino

Born to be styled: This Town and Country editor loves his society, fashion, art, and design beat for its “glamorous events, endless champagne and sparkly clothes.”

The people—young, old, and everyone in between—who most intrigue us.

Why we’re watching him: The Style News Editor at Town and Country with panache to spare has been making bold statements (fashion and otherwise) at the most glam parties in town.

Pedigree: Magsino, 26, whose father was in the Navy, lived in Guam, Chicago, San Diego, and Memphis before landing in Las Vegas for high school, where he was a statewide swim champion. During his college years at Fordham, Magsino balanced pool time with fashion reportage. “Every day I trade in a pinstriped Ralph Lauren double blazer and slim cat-eye sunglasses for a maroon training Speedo and goggles,” he wrote in the Fordham paper. Our wunderkind quickly turned his style savvy into gigs at Vogue and GQ.

Holiday advice, Part 1: Gift-giving: “A good cashmere sweater will never be turned away, and gift cards are always put to good use, but why not think outside the box this year and give the gift of pleasure instead?” Magsino told Them. “A queer sex toy is an irresistible present, whether you give it to a friend in desperate need of fun, a casual hook-up of your own, or a romantic partner. Don’t resort to a basket of gourmet popcorn when you can steam up the holidays instead.” Our POV: Only gay sex toys? Why discriminate?

Holiday advice, Part 2: Party-going: “Always remember: first impressions consist of the first thing that comes out of your mouth and what you wear. So stay chic and remember to always put effort in,” Magsino has said.

Post party recovery meal: Magsino favors a Filipino breakfast. “Just garlic fried rice, egg, and longanisa (Filipino sausage). That’s what reminds me of home,” he told Blank magazine.

Party spirit animal: The dolphin, admired for its playful spirit, sense of joy and oh-so-strong communication skills.

Prediction: While still in school, Magsino looked into his crystal ball and said, Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future or maybe I won’t, but until then, I’ll enjoy the glamorous events, endless champagne and sparkly clothes.” We predict he most certainly won’t change his mind!

Hero photo of Isiah Magsino at The 2023 Frick Collection Autumn Dinner by Yvonne Tnt/

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