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We see you: Sophie Sumner

This bubbly Brit model and TV presenter is likely lighting up a media screen near you.

The people—young, old, and everyone in between—who most intrigue us.

Why we’re watching her: The 35-year-old British model and TV presenter coined the term “illuminator” for her ability to light up any room, from hosting Amazon Live specials on beauty, fashion and celebrity to showing up at must-be-seen-at Hamptons parties as a Daily Front Row contributor.

Going pout-free: Sumner, who bills herself as “your friendly face in fashion” is a loveable goofball. Witness her montage of bad dance moves on Instagram or her recent eye-winking turn as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill for Halloween. We’ll take humor over hubris any day.

Motto: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!”

From running up to running everywhere: The Oxford-born blonde beauty got her starts as the runner up on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion in 2012. The eternal optimist turned her red carpet debut into a red hot launching pad to TV presenting, acting, singing, and generally growing and glowing across multimedia platforms. 

Catch her in the wild: Sumner’s willingness to try anything (and take nothing too seriously) has her sampling corn dogs in San Francisco, paddleboarding in exotic locales, donning a gown to interview Paris Hilton, and taking us behind the scenes at the NYC Ballet and Metropolitan Opera galas as well as New York fashion week, all with a “Can you believe I’m here?” vibe. (We can, and we love it.)

Party spirit animal: The cardinal—cheerful, brilliant and bold.

Prediction:  At a time when pessimism is the (understandable) default mode for, well, the whole world, we could all use a dose of good old silliness, especially when it comes wrapped in serious style chops. On Sumner’s LinkedIn profile, she says she is open to work as: “Television News Reporter · Television Reporter · Television Host · Talk Show Host · Television Presenter.” We predict that she will be illuminating screens for years to come.

Hero photo of Sophie Sumner: Jason Crowley/

Movers & Shakers

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Movers & Shakers

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