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We see you: Elise Taylor

“Don’t let anyone tell you that being labeled a ‘party girl’ won’t lead to career opportunities.”

DP’s series of the people—young, old, and everyone in between—who most intrigue us.

Why we’re watching her:
The oh-so-chic Vogue lifestyle writer has the inside beat on celeb weddings, to-die-for design, globe-trotting travel, fine food and frisky Royals.

Taylor went to the tony Greenwich Academy, the Connecticut girls’ school that counts Jane Fonda, Ethel Kennedy, Radhika Jones and Allison Williams as alums. She got an early start on her career as senior editor of the school newspaper. 

Catch her in the wild:
You’ll run to keep up with Taylor. Before last year’s Met Gala, the traffic was so bad she jogged ten blocks in a full-on flouncy bubble-gum pink dress (pre-Barbie core), all while looking backwards to smile for the camera. 

Post-party beauty secret:
Taylor told Vogue that she swears by Dr. Barbara Sturm’s gentle eye cream to brighten dark undereye circles. She goes basic for the rest of her enviable glowy skin with drugstore star (and Reddit fave), CeraVe cleanser.

Hit her up for:
Taylor, who seems in constant motion,  is your go-to source for hotel reccs from Ibiza and Namibia to Marrakesh and Tokyo. (We’re not talking Best Westerns here.)

Fashion statement:
The Anne Hathaway lookalike may not cover designers but they cover her, from daytime minis to slinky evening gowns. Her signature look: romantic, flowy dresses.

Love language:
The way to Taylor’s heart is through (Instagram-ready) food. Look closely and you can catch her twirling pasta at Lake Como.

Party spirit animal:
The butterfly: pretty, light on her feet, and flitting from one gorgeous spot to the next.

We know better than to predict anything at Condé Nast, but a certain someone has to retire eventually, right?

Hero image: Taylor at The New York Public Library: Library Lions 2022. Photo: ©Yvonne Tnt/

Movers & Shakers

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