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Cuatro Villareal at the Art Production Fund’s 2023 Gala, Presented by Saks

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We see you: Cuatro Villareal

We take a closer look at an up-and-coming man about town.

This is DP’s first in a series of the people—young, old, and everyone in between—who most intrigue us.

Why we’re watching him:
The Yale freshman has serious art world pedigree, major party attitude, a side gig as a sailing instructor and monumental hair. Oh, and a younger sister named Lux. ’Nuff said.

Last seen at:
The classrooms in New Haven (at least that’s what his professors hope) where, according to his very impressive LinkedIn profile, Cuatro is studying ethics, politics and economics. His dad was a Yalie too but it remains to be seen if he will follow his father into the art world.  

Where he hangs:
Look for him chilling with the theater and art crowd in New Haven and, well, pretty much the same in New York. (See: Pedigree.)

Cuatro’s parents, Yvonne Force Villareal and Leo Villareal, have been dubbed a veritable art world power couple. While Yvonne focuses on charity, papa Villareal’s illuminated sculptures are represented by the tony Pace Gallery. And the artistic genes go waaay back. According to ArtNet, Leo’s great-great-great-grandfather was one of the founders of Marfa, Texas, the original art town. 

Where to catch him in the wild:
Look for Cuatro on the high seas, where he works as a sailing Instructor at the Orient Yacht Club. BTW, he’s certified in CPR, should any mouth-to-mouth rescue action be needed.

Random sighting:
Cuatro is not big on TikTok  (I mean, c’mon, the kid has parties to go to and homework to do) but there is a post of him getting his almost-famous hair cut. No word on what product he uses for that gravity defying ’do.

Love language:
Cuatro has a “limited working proficiency” in Mandarin, along with his (obviously!) fluent Spanish.

Fashion statement:
For extra-curricular activities, he ups his accessories game with statement earrings and necklaces.

Party spirit animal:
The leopard, prowling gallery openings and society bashes, for prey. Or at least, photographers.

Look for Cuatro to star in an art house version of Girls, but with, well, boys.

Hero image: Cuatro Villareal at the Art Production Fund’s 2023 Gala, presented by Saks. Photo: © Neil Rasmus / BFA

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