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Bill and Babe Paley in 1958
Swans revisited

Bill vs. Babe

With the overwhelming popularity of Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, DP takes another look at the series’ most misunderstood character—Bill S. Paley

Gold Diggers

DP’s Gift Guide for Swans

If her only fault is that she’s too perfect . . . here are some gift ideas for her.

Dishing dirt

The Gilded Age's wicked society magazine

How William d’Alton Mann blackmailed his way into creating one of New York City’s most parasitic gossip rags.

Money Matters

How to stay rich: Start your own business

Business or side-hustle? However you define it, the growth of women-owned start-ups is gathering steam.


The Skinny on Princeton's New Money

Thanks to the success of biotech companies like Novo Nordisk—makers of Ozempic and Wegovy—the prestigious college town has fattened up.

Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell in HBO‘s The Gilded Age
New York City

Hey, Big Spenders!

Unlike the old/new money protagonists in HBO's The Gilded Age, NYC’s contemporary elite share their wealth more freely—to the city’s benefit.

Money matters

How to Stay Rich (and out of jail)

From January 2024, you’ll be required to report all LLCs, corporations and limited partnerships—or risk facing money laundering charges.


New money in Maine

Thanks to the WFH shift of the pandemic, the Pine Tree State is seeing an influx of new deals and deal makers.

Outrageous Fortune

How to Stay RIch: the Gettys

Rethinking the lives and legacy of America's most unconventional dynasty.

Making merry


The stately home music festival season is in full swing in the UK. But how—and why—do the landed gentry host rural rave-ups in their country piles?

Big Spenders

Competitive Baby-Gift Giving

A Fendi monogrammed diaper changing bag? $2,292. The reaction of the other baby shower guests? Priceless.


how to stay rich

Lisa Marie Presley is not the only person of vast wealth to lose her fortune. But how does this happen? As one prominent investment advisor tells DP: it might be time to up your financial-literacy game.

Join us for the party

Join us for the party