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The doctor cosmetologist makes injection on the lips of a woman in the Santa Claus hat.


Botox Comes Home for the Holidays

Two New York beauty services now make house calls—needles, IV drips, and all.

What if getting a little boost of Botox was as easy as ordering an Uber? Okay, maybe Ubers aren’t the best example this time of year. But imagine getting a text to let you know that a fully equipped medical van and a plastic surgeon armed with injectables was waiting outside your front door. No need to waste precious time avoiding eye contact in your dermatologist’s office. No need, frankly, to even get dressed.  

Two new services are elevating house calls for those seeking smoother foreheads and plumper cheeks but are too pressed and stressed by the holidays to actually leave home.

“We’ve all gotten used to getting everything else in our lives delivered, why not Botox?” says Dr. Shirley Madhère, the New York City plastic surgeon who founded Jet Set Beauty Rx. While Dr. Madhère maintains her Upper East Side practice, she also tools around in a custom-made van that is essentially a doctor’s office on wheels, replete with a reclining surgical chair, infrared lights, a sink, and cabinets filled with an assortment of neurotoxins, fillers and chemical-peel accoutrements.  

Launched quietly this year as a convenience for her current patients, Dr. Madhère is now taking new clients and regularly makes trips throughout Manhattan, the Hamptons and Westchester. Online booking is simple and, after a video call to assess your particular needs, Dr. Madhère and her magic van, discreetly marked “Medical Aesthetics”, will park outside your home or office.

Dr. Madhère admits to having been stationed outside the Condé Nast building, but won’t name the fashionistas who slipped inside for a little jab-on-the-go. A self-described germophobe, she maintains a strict disinfection protocol and will recommend people come into her office for more involved treatments such as lasers. Prices range according to the procedure and number of vials used, but house calls on average add an extra $150. Consider it your delivery fee. 

Dr. Madhère admits to Jet Set Beauty Rx’s van being stationed outside Condé Nast, but won’t name the fashionistas who slipped inside for a little jab-on-the-go.

If even making your way into a van is a step too far, Beautique Concierge Beauty makes old-school house calls in Manhattan seven days a week. Co-founded by Dr. Peter Andrade, an adjunct instructor at NYU Langone Health’s Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Fidel Garcia Fernandez, a pediatric emergency room physician and “infusion drip specialist,” Beautique offers Botox, fillers, and a full menu of oh-so-trendy IV drips that promise to address everything from jet lag to dull skin.

Dr. Andrade,  who brings his own speakers and likes to plays French music while he injects, takes a conservative approach to aesthetics. “I want to make you feel a little more confident going about your day, even if  I can’t make you look like Emily Ratajkowski,” he says. (Alas, there are some things in life that simply can’t be delivered.) 

While he won’t name names, Andrade does admit that his clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from house calls. “I’ve been in some spectacular SoHo lofts that have made me change the remodeling plans for my own apartment,” he adds.

If you are planning for holiday parties, Dr. Andrade recommends booking a few days ahead to avoid any tell-tale bruises. And should you over-imbibe, his IV-loving partner, Dr. Garcia, or one of his IV technicians are ready to show up on Sunday morning to help you recover.

Among Beautique’s most popular IV drips available is the “About last Night,” billed as “a unique cocktail of anti-nausea, headache relieving, and stomach-settling agents, along with multivitamins.” (Treatment time takes about 45 min and costs $350.) “Go enjoy your holidays and have another drink,” Dr. Andrade says. “We can be over in the morning to hook you up.” We’re not sure the medical advice is strictly kosher, but it’s worth a shot. Or two.

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