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Red mini with gifts piled on top, tied with a huge red ribbon

Ho, ho, ho!

DP’s Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Anyone who says, “Oh, I don’t want anything this year!” has obviously not seen DP’s list. We invite you to get your greed on.

Santa’s good, but is he ski-safari-in-the-Dolomites good? Is he in-home sauna, monogrammed tennis balls, Guerlain advent calendar, yearlong book subscription good? Not even close. (With all due respect.)

That’s where you come in. This year, DP’s second annual gift guide is poised to exceed the expectations of anyone on your list with some worthwhile splurges, baubles, delicious food and drink gifts, better-than-stocking-stuffers, and even a few ideas for your four-legged friends.

Throw out the naughty and nice lists, no one’s getting coal. You’re the Santa now. Happy holidays!


When They Deserve the Best and Nothing Less

Italian food and wine and an alpine view
The ultimate in Alpine views and Italian food: delight them with a professionally guided, inn-to-inn, Dolomites ski safari. Photo by Sergey Razbitnov/Getty Images
Madeleine Bunbury with horse and horse portrait
Commission Madeleine Bunbury to visit their stable yards (anywhere in the world) and paint a life-size portrait of a beloved horse.

They’ve skied and apres’d at every domestic hill; it’s time to go bigger. Gift them the Dolomites Ski Safari Experience, a weeklong discovery of the Italian Alps. Go before the Olympics descend on the region in 2026. From $4,428/person

On trend, but better than everyone else’s. This platinum diamond ribbon choker is the pinnacle of a choker necklace, hand-crafted with 8.01ct diamonds set in platinum on a black ribbon. $40,300

Ancient Ritual’s Arc is an all-in-one, multi-modality sauna installed in your home to optimize your multi-modality loved one’s health. It offers seven treatments that work with heat, light, color, sound, breathwork, and meditation. $500 deposit; by request only

Just don’t ask for little pictures in your foam. La Marzocco reimagined their commercial espresso machine—one of the best in the world— for the home with their Linea Mini. Plus, it’s beyond chic on a countertop. $5,900

There’s pet portraits and then there’s commissioning Madeleine Bunbury to create a life-size equine portrait. Madeleine travels the world to paint her subjects in their stable yards. The results are instant heirlooms. Price on request.

One’s tennis game is only as good as one’s gear. Anya Hindmarch should do it: a tennis bag and a few cans of customized tennis balls with their name on them. $1,125; $55/can of balls

It’s not a competition. These are simply the best ping pong tables: they’re hand-crafted, wall-mountable, limited-edition, colorful works of art on which you can, also, play ping pong. From $1,490


For the Ones With the Best Taste

Chairs looking out over the Great Smoky Mountains from Blackberry Farm
A year’s worth of delicious artisanal cheese from Blackberry Farm is the next best thing to a visit to the luxury Great Smoky Mountain haven itself
Restaurant scene from Succession featuring Zalto wine glasses
Zalto’s ultra-lightweight, hand-blown Universal wine glasses were the real stars of Succession—and are also a feature at Per Se and The French Laundry. Photo courtesy of HBO

A caviar flight of three 50g tins—Royal Osetra, American Sturgeon, and Supreme White Sturgeon—plus blinis, creme fraiche, and mother of pearl spoons from Portage: another way to fly first class. $500

The world’s finest wine glasses? There’s not much from Succession or The Menu to emulate, aside from this stemware—the Universal—from Zalto. Ultra-lightweight and hand-blown, they feature in both, and for good reason. Even Per Se and the French Laundry have them on hand. $78/glass

Cement their “host with the most” reputation with a Moveable Feast, which brings Michelin and James Beard recognized restaurants home. They ship nationwide and will reserve a menu for a Thursday or Friday delivery to be enjoyed before Sunday night. From $450 for four guests

The next best thing to actually being at Blackberry Farm is eating their gorgeous cheeses in the comfort of your home. Their cheese club is a series of quarterly selections including some made on the farm itself. $800 for the full year

Le Creuset Dutch oven in Agave
No kitchen is complete without Le Creuset’s classic Dutch oven—perfect for everything from stews to roasts and breads. They’ll keep this cast-iron favorite forever.
Aperitif in a cocktail glass with ice cube and lemon garnish
Life after Aperol: stock up their bar cart with a new aperitif. DP loves Caperitif, for its slight sweetness and botanical flavors, and Suze, for its herbal and floral notes. Photo by SimpleImages/Getty images

Le Creuset’s Dutch Oven is the all-time classic. It’s a perfectly designed and completely irreplaceable piece of cookware in which stews, roasts, breads, and memories are made. From $250. (Pair it with a cassoulet recipe kit from D’Artagnan for extra credit. From $99.99)

For the one who takes their coffee seriously, but their fashion even more so. A collaboration between Bialetti and Dolce & Gabbana, two Italian icons, this set comes with a bold, colorful, patterned, two-cup Moka as well as two espresso cups and stirrers. $199.95

There are lots of lackluster food gift sets, but this is definitely not one of them. Los Poblanos is one of New Mexico’s most stunning destinations and now you can share their hot sauces and chili flakes with this High Desert Heat Set. $60

Bring a bit of intrigue to their bar cart with a fun new aperitif. (Aperol is so last season.) We love Caperitif, for its slight sweetness and botanical flavors, and Suze, which is less bitter than Campari and has herbal and floral notes. $34.99; $31.99.

What says “soiree” more than a beautiful ice bucket by the table with a freshly opened bottle of wine poking out? Nothing. Especially if said ice bucket is made of Baccarat crystal. $800


From Jewelry and Decor to a Cashmere Sleep Mask

Knitted cashmere hot water bottle cover and eye mask
Sweet—and luxurious—dreams: 100 percent Scottish cashmere eye mask and hot water bottle cover from Fife Arms
Le Sirenuse hotel, Positano, Italy with hand-painted ceramic ashtray
If they can‘t be in Italy, bring Italy to them with a painted ceramic ashtray from iconic luxury hotel Le Sirenuse. Background photo by Brechenmacher & Baumann

Forget Hershey’s kisses behind little cardboard windows. Today’s advent calendars are gifts that keep on giving and this one, by Guerlain, might just be our favorite. Candles, soaps, day creams, night creams, and far, far more. $720

For your loved one who would always rather be in Italy, a painted ceramic ashtray from iconic luxury resort Le Sireneuse. (Pair it with a pre-roll if they’re into that kind of thing.) $55

You can’t decant in just anything. Keep standards high with a stunning, mouth-blown, hand-cut, polished crystal decanter designed by Austrian architect Adolf Loos. $1,800

This might be the most luxurious sleep accessory and one of the most old-fashioned: a Scottish cashmere hot water bottle, paired with a matching eye mask. Knitted in a family-run mill and designed exclusively for landmark hotel, the Fife Arms. $169

Woman in 1970s-style clothes with headphones listening to a record
Vinyl is here to stay. Get their groove on with a Bluetooth-enabled Audio Technica record player—and an LP from the year they were born. Photo by Rich Legg/Getty Images
Starry Night Lego kit
Let them create their own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night from over 20,000 Lego pieces

For the one who lights up your every day, a Jua (sun in Swahili) Lariat necklace handcrafted by jewelers in Kenya. Designed to hit the perfect length, so it goes with everything. $118

It’s more than a fad—vinyl is here to stay. Especially when record players have Bluetooth connectivity, like this sleek one from Audio Technica. Pair it with a record that came out the year they were born. $299

Unlike Van Gogh’s hard-won original, this Starry Night LEGO set comes with explicit instructions so you’re guaranteed a masterpiece at the end. $169.99

Made to order and carved from natural onyx, these drop earrings by Sophie Buhai are a statement but not a loud one. These are for the enigmatic, confident loved one on your list. $625


Page Turners for Everyone

J.J. Martin, founder of world-renowned Milanese lifestyle brand LaDoubleJ
Each copy of Mamma Milano by J.J. Martin, founder of world-renowned Milanese lifestyle brand La DoubleJ, is bound in one of three LaDoubleJ fabrics. Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for WSJ

The lessons begin before you even open the gorgeous Mamma Milano: Lessons from the Motherland by J.J. Martin. Each copy is bound in an LaDoubleJ fabric, teaching giftees the importance of beautiful presentation. $60

But why pick just one? Gift them a yearlong book subscription with Heywood Hill (hard covers, paperbacks, or kids books). They’ll receive a new title every month that has been carefully selected for them, following a consultation. From $290

Cover of One Woman Show, a novel by Christine Coulson
Christine Coulson’s latest book, One Woman Show, is a stylish novel told through museum wall labels
Set of three fabric-wrapped, vintage games
Board games are making a comeback. Once they've played these fabric-wrapped vintage games—Clue, Scrabble, and Monopoly—they'll look great on their bookshelf

For the giftee with a strong stomach, a copy of Martin Baron’s Collision of Power: Trump, Bezos, and The Washington Post. $24.99

One Woman Show gives new meaning to “if these walls could talk.” Indeed, this is a thrilling story told through museum wall labels. Author Christine Coulson wrote for the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 25 years—including wall labels. $22.49

Fool me once. . . On closer look, you’ll discover that this set of fabric-wrapped books is actually a collection of three classic, vintage games. $119


More Than Stocking Stuffers—for When you Want to go That Extra Mile

Custom matchbook saying “DP”
You'll strike lucky with a custom matchbook—perfect for hosts, hostesses, and candle addicts. Background photo by Freer Law/Getty Images
The Fife Arms engraved egg scissors and a boiled egg with top sliced off
A slice of elegance: they can lop the top off their breakfast boiled egg with the Fife Arms’s egg scissors
Photograph of building by ML Kirchner
Pick up a one-of-a-kind photograph from ML Kirchner’s show at the Lower East Side’s FORMah art Gallery, opening December 1

It’s a tale as old as time: parents rarely get to drink their coffee while it’s hot. Let’s fix that with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, which even connects to a temperature-controlling app. $120.99

Custom matchbooks are surprisingly versatile—cute for newlyweds, fun for a host(ess) gift, perfect for your favorite candle-lovers or stoners. Get creative. From $50

For the budding photographer in your life, go to up-and-coming artist ML Kirchner’s show at FORMah in the LES (42 Allen Street; now through December 23) and snap up one of her unique images that capture “the majesty of the mundane.” From $4,500

They listen to true crime podcasts, but freak out when they see a spider. They need a Critter Catcher. In fact, they might need one for every room of the house. $22.95

Boiling an egg does not a chef make, but having these charming, whimsical egg scissors direct from Scotland’s Fife Arms sure makes you look like one. $111

Give them the moon and the stars and a nebula, too. The delightful Astronaut Star Projector Night Light is something you’ll buy “for the kids” but keep enjoying long after they’ve gone to sleep. $34.99

If home (or your favorite hotel) is where the heart is, memorialize it with a custom puzzle. When you order this, you’ll enter a beloved address which will be at its center. $59.95


A Little Something Special for Fluffy and Fido

Cat and dog, wearing a Santa hat
Why should humans get all the love? Don't forget toys for the feline and canine members of the family. And a personalized dog bowl shows a pup how much you care. Photo by Olha Pylypenko/Getty Images

Sparky watched Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy with you, so they know the importance of good San Marzano tomatoes. Show them some love with a “can” of San Muttzanos and three squeaky tomato tennis balls. $12

Cats are connoisseurs, as a rule. Upgrade their toy game with this Kitty Trout, which has a belly you can hide treats in and a catnip-filled fishbone. $14

There’s no pup quite like Rover. Personalize their water bowl to make sure they know it, too. From $28

All prices were correct at the time of publication.

Hero photo by Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd/Getty Images


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