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We See You: Diva Dhawan

The model and beauty icon cops to her evocative (and alliterative) name—now and then . . .

DP’s series of the people—young, old, and everyone in between—who most intrigue us.

Why we’re watching her: The multi-flex (and flexible) supermodel, entrepreneur and Pilates instructor is the epitome of global cool girl chic.

Pedigree: Dhawan, 33, was born in New York but started her modeling career in Mumbai. “I entered the modeling world at 16-17, when modeling wasn’t considered a proper career in India,” she told Telegraph India. “Girls who were born and brought up in India had to lie to their parents. Luckily, my parents fully supported me.” Getting an early start on her hyphenate status, Dhawan studied fashion merchandising at FIT while she walked the runway.

About that name: Dhawan blames her mom for the moniker. “She named me after a French perfume,” she told Telegraph India. “I resonate with my name when I want to throw a tantrum, but otherwise I don’t think I am ‘the diva’ that people think.”

Major fashion moment: Need proof of how chill she is? When Dhawan married Ronak Sheth, the CEO and founder of LIT Videobooks in May this year, she opted for a flowing, wide-legged, white pantsuit. Not a veil in sight.

Catch her in the wild: Dhawan emceed the Vogue India Women of the Year awards in 2021, but these days you’re more likely to find her on a reformer than a red carpet.

Beauty secret: The self-professed skincare junkie credits her complexion to daily use of a jade roller.

Anti-diva words to live by: “‘The good life’ is in the simple things—dinner with friends, a night in watching an old movie you love, or a lazy morning where you can take your time to start the day,” she told Lifestyle Asia. (PS. Dhawan often claims to be lazy, but we think not.)

Party spirit animal: The dragonfly, known for its beauty, agility and flexibility.

Prediction: Dhawan is a vocal advocate of sustainable fashion and supporter of women-owned businesses. Look for her to continue to tap into her entrepreneurial side and give Lululemon a run for its money.

Hero photo of Diva Dhawan by Azhar Khan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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