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Elettra Weidemann and her child at her Bed and Breakfast in Long Island

Weekend Agenda

Mama’s Got a Brand New B&B

Elletra Wiedemann and Isabella Rosselini’s new getaway makes a perfect fantasy farm weekend.

Elettra Wiedemann’s four-year-old son Ronan is obsessed with what appears to be a worm hotel at Mama Farm, the meandering 26 acre agro-center in Brookhaven, Long Island which she runs and co-owns with her actress/author mother, Isabella Rosellini. 

“Our farmer Patty Gentry has a Ritz Carlton situation for worms,” the former fashion model chuckles. “My son is really into that worm house.”

In addition to the fancy lodging for invertebrates, Mama Farm opened a human bed and breakfast last August. Designed by Rossellini and her best friend, architect Pietro Cicognani, the bold red and blue structure is straight out of a movie set – think ultra-cool minimal farmhouse decor (with Frette sheets, of course) in a “La Dolce Vita” setting.

Inspired by the Italian agro-tourism model, it’s rented to groups (housing up to 9); and starts at $1,350 a night. Edgy artwork from Rossellini’s personal collection, (including works by director David Lynch) adorn whimsical suites like “The Chicken Room” (a 2-floor hideaway loft bedroom) and “The Vintage Racer” (replete with a helmets and toy race cars), though be forewarned, “The Artist Suite,” may be too “provocative” for small children, the website cautions. Breakfast is included and straight from the fields: artisanal eggs, homemade honey, yogurt, granola and jams.


Staying at the Mama Farm B&B means sharing the land with sheep, chickens, goats and beehives. There are also seasonal cultural events and if you get inspired, a membership-based communal farm. By becoming a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member you can score weekly hauls of everything from organic vegetables to artisanal cheese (available only at the farm).

Wiedemann likens their harvest to the fashion industry’s couture, “We are always trying to capture a concept of specialness and luxury,” Wiedemann explains. “People respond to the idea that this tomato or eggplant can only happen once.”

“Having a grandma in your backyard is the best life hack.”
Isabella Rossellini holding a chicken at her new Bed and Breakfast on Long Island.
Exterior view of Mama Farm, a new Bed and Breakfast on Long Island

Mama Farm is a true family affair, and everyone has distinct roles. Wiedemann and her husband, Caleb Lane, handle the day to day operations; Rosellini “loves to build buildings and decorate them,” says Wiedemann, who gave birth to her second son Viggo last June.“I love working with my mom and living around her. Having a grandma in your backyard is the best life hack.”  

Looking for a change and place to raise kids, Wiedemann and her husband ditched Fort Greene, Brooklyn for farm life in 2018. Her mornings are now focused on regenerative agriculture (she enjoys geeking out on heirloom seeds, heritage breeds, topsoil regeneration), running the B&B, planning the farm’s Full Moon concert series (think Woodstock-lite with kids) and booking private events on the property, which is surrounded by protected woodland.

A staunch conservationist, she worked in tandem with the Peconic Land Trust to preserve the forest for her neighbors: foxes, raccoons, deer and turkeys. Conservation is “one of the core principles of what we do here,” she stresses.

Bookings for the B&B, Boho-chic weddings and private dinners have been booming since the pandemic, with so many city slickers desperate for more greenery. “It feels like you’re in a private, enchanted garden. And you can see where your food is actually coming from.

Our animals are very friendly. The goats often come up and ask for cuddles, like dogs,” she declares, like a proud Mama. “It’s very Disney Princess-esque. A bird isn’t landing on your finger, but it’s not far from that.”

Mama Farm, 269 S Country Road, Brookhaven, NY 11719, ​​is located some 60 miles from New York City. To reserve, visit or email

Photos courtesy of Mama Farm.


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