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A double crested cormorant in Central Park


Flights of Fancy

Meet the many birds that call Central Park home—at least part time.

As a child, Ken Michaels, a lawyer and amateur photographer used to enjoy birdwatching in Central Park with his dad.  So when Covid struck, he struck back, co-opting his wife Lenore to traipse around the Loch, the Meer, and other avian sanctuaries with him. In no time, the critters—the smaller ones, especially—would fly right into Lenore hands. That’s when the couple officially joined the ranks of the park’s “Crazy Bird People,” Lenore laughs. Here, some highlights of the past two years—with details of where to find the birds yourselves.

The Pretties

Tweet tweet: For more on New Yorkers’ new birding trend, see Central Park Has Gone Bird-Zerk.

New York City

Private Clubs: How Much is Too Much?

Is the recent influx of private clubs in Manhattan satisfying the wealthy New Yorker’s inner Anglophilia, or their need to cull the herd . . . or both?

Idris Elba in front of the Paris Theater in Manhattan for the em>Luther: The Fallen Sun US premier in March 2023
Art & Culture

Paris calling

Netflix has tarted up New York’s legendary movie theater, and the cinephiles are happy.

Drinks and a copy of the New York Times at Scratchers bar, New York City
After Hours

Literary Dive Bars

What inspires a NYC writer? Cheap booze, good gossip, sticky floors—and maybe just a bit of gloom.

Butterfly migration

The monarchs are coming!

Another orange wave will soon descend upon New York City, but this is one you will want to see.


Join us for the party

Join us for the party