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A double crested cormorant in Central Park


Flights of Fancy

Meet the many birds that call Central Park home—at least part time.

As a child, Ken Michaels, a lawyer and amateur photographer used to enjoy birdwatching in Central Park with his dad.  So when Covid struck, he struck back, co-opting his wife Lenore to traipse around the Loch, the Meer, and other avian sanctuaries with him. In no time, the critters—the smaller ones, especially—would fly right into Lenore hands. That’s when the couple officially joined the ranks of the park’s “Crazy Bird People,” Lenore laughs. Here, some highlights of the past two years—with details of where to find the birds yourselves.

The Pretties

Tweet tweet: For more on New Yorkers’ new birding trend, see Central Park Has Gone Bird-Zerk.

Bathtub Gin's cocktail menu comes in the form of a newspaper blaring headlines like “A Classic New York City Gin Joint
After Hours

Speakeasies 2023

Sometimes you want to go where absolutely nobody knows your name.

New York City

New York’s Most Unusual Co-Op Board Dramas

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Kirna Zabête Opens Uptown

Downtown retail maven Beth Buccini is opening a new Steven Gambrel-designed boutique on Madison Avenue.

Chef Rich Torrisi’s original NYC venture was located around the corner from his new incarnation in the Puck Building. He draws inspiration from Nolita and Little Italy. Photo courtesy of Major Food Group
Dining Out

Rich Torrisi Goes Glam

The New York chef’s glitzy new Torrisi Bar & Restaurant is like the cocktail party you don’t want to leave.


Join us for the party

Join us for the party